Triboa Majestic Bay is expected to be finished by late-2020

February 7, 2020

(Photo by Triboa Majestic Bay, This attribution is to give credit to their material.)

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT ZONE - The next level of luxury is in Subic Bay Freeport. Triboa Majestic Bay rises from the beauty of nature. It is now located in a historical former US Naval Base that once hosted the first Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Subic Bay, Philippines.

And just like what the developer said, Triboa Majestic Bay will have a great natural setting right beside the bay area located in one of the most prestigious and panoramic views the nature can provide.

With its complete facilities and recreation center, Subic Bay offers such breathtaking splendor, eco-tourism, which perfectly fit for a relaxed lifestyle.

MSK Group Work, Inc. which is into construction and subleasing of warehouses and factories, is currently fitting out the beautiful project.

The Taiwanese firm behind the Triboa Majestic Bay project has commited PHP 2 billion pesos of investment for the project and will be selling the property to the A and B-class market, specifically Asian expats and other foreign nationals.

This project was signed last 2017 during the past administration of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

Triboa Majestic Bay is just a beautiful place in a stunning location. It has key features that includes:

A 5000 square-meter luxury atrium garden, since atrium garden has become significant piece for several buildings, it also creates relaxed ambience suitable for nature lovers.

A multimedia room with it's surround sound and cozy seating set up, it also provides ideal audio and video experience.

A Gym and a Yoga room for those who want to rejuvenate, unload their stress, improve their concentration, the yoga room is the best place for it. While having a fitness center within your residential community will absolutely tell you no excuses for shaping and maintaining your body.

A playroom and a library, kids were almost playing everywhere these days, so we deal a friendly and educational place fit for them where they can play safely and entertained while a peaceful and quiet library is for those who loves to read.

A business center, The place will offer a variety of services including internet services, printing, faxing, etc. The place will also have it's own retail stores and restaurants for more satisfaction.

Conference rooms, To arrange your private meetings, business conference and other important events.

And of course, the beautiful Outdoor Swimming pools and inifinity pools.


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