Remain vigilant as coronavirus threat continue in Subic Bay Freeport

Jan. 27

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SUBIC BAY FREEPORT - The public is advised to remain vigilant as prevention is better than cure of the ongoing hysteria amidst the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCov).

This report is despite the actions that was taken by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) in the past few days including the cancellation of Genting Lines' World Dream cruise ship that was expected to dock in Subic Bay today.

Many locals that work, study, and live inside Subic Bay Freeport are taking necessary precautions as they try to counter the dangerous threat of coronavirus. Many of them are wearing masks or any item that they can use for their protection.

Reports also say that some Chinese nationals are sent to the Unihealth Baypointe Medical Center's emergency department for causes including fever, chills, vomiting. Although, there are NO reports of positive coronavirus just yet and hopefully there are none.

The SBMA chief, Wilma T. Eisma released an official statement regarding their actions for the coronavirus and the cancellation of Genting Lines' cruise ship visit after protests. She also advised everyone to stay calm and take necessary precautions as they try to respond to people.

Eisma said that she's been working and talking to people in the past few days just to cancel the arrival of the Chinese cruise ship. We reach out to the SBMA chief for her hard work as she prioritize the safety of everyone in and around Subic Bay.

We believe that the reason why the SBMA chief took longer to cancel the cruise ship visit is because it looks like something still pushes for the arrival of the cruise ship in Subic Bay despite the dangerous threat of coronavirus. Although, none will be reported until valid confirmation.

Support the Department of Health and all agencies as they assure everyone's safety.


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