U.S. Won't Lose Anything if Military Pact with Philippines Gets Scrapped

Feb. 10

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Philippines President wants to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the United States after the rejection of Sen. Bato Dela Rosa's visa, while knowing what the Philippines will lose.

Many people that supports the Philippines President is telling everyone that the scrapping of Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) is not just about Sen. Ronald Dela Rosa's visa rejection when it really is. Everything's already in front of them.

The Philippines will lose billions of pesos worth of military training, humanitarian and disaster assistance, etc. In a recent interview of Senator Richard Gordon with ABS-CBN, he pointed out the arguments on why the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States is very important and beneficial to the Philippines.

The Philippines will lose a lot if it cancels Visiting Forces Agreement with the US since VFA is the foundation of all defense activities between the United States and the Philippines including the annual Balikatan Exercises where thousands of Filipino Troops and US troops learn from each other, military training and HADR operations like the Typhoon Haiyan where the US sent its biggest ships to help the Philippines.

The Philippines should do everything to enrich the country and strengthen its defenses. Visiting Forces Agreement is instrumental as it allows the Armed Forces of the Philippines to strengthen itself through training with US forces considering the AFP is closely tied with the US.

The United States will not fight for the Philippines if the Philippine government doesn't show it's willingness to fight for itself. Even Japan, which is a first world country who can afford to fight for itself still needed American help and protection to the point that it even spends for the US bases.

Senator Richard Gordon also said that the Filipino mindset is always about asking what the United States can do for us, without thinking of what Filipinos can do for our country's own defense. The Americans will only respect us if we have the dignity and willingness to defend ourselves at all cost.

Interoperability is something important to the Philippines that the Armed Forces of the Philippines can't just simply switch to Russian or Chinese equipment because the AFP is a US-centric military for many decades.

Filipinos are also saying 'Instead of being dependent to the US like beggars, Congress and Senate should allot more budget for our military' When everyone knows that it may not happen even after President Duterte's term.

President Duterte's advisers also disagree to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement because they can see what the Philippines will lose unlike just because knowing that your friend's visa was rejected then you'll threaten a country who's laughing over the decision to scrap the VFA.

The United States may not lose anything even after the threat to scrap VFA because they are not the one who will lose something, It's the Philippines that may lose a lot.

China's People's Liberation Army and it's Government, which is the current biggest threat to the Philippines may be happy to finally move in once the Visiting Forces Agreement gets scrapped. Although, the United States might be so helpful that even without it, it will still commit to help the Philippines since its of the longest standing ally of the United States.


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