Subiclark is an exciting community group that brings Expats and Filipinos closer.

Jan. 17, 2020

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SUBIC BAY FREEPORT ZONE - Peter James and his partner Arianne, have spent four years creating video content on YouTube and blasting in social media as they try to build a better community in and around the freeports of the Philippines, specifically Subic Bay and Clark Pampanga.

In September 2019, they created a group called "Subiclark" A community group that aims to bring people together by hosting events, activities and meetups for both Expats and Filipinos.

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They've already done a few activities such as Wine & Cheese Night, Pool parties, Social Mixers, Pub crawls and festivities, and other special events. Sometimes their activities are simple dinners, lunches, or BBQs. The idea is to create a tight knit community of friends and bring fun and excitement into people's lives.

Peter James, also said that they are planning some sporting events such as badminton, tennis, and a jogging group. "All are free to join and we are non-profit", Mr. James said.

They're trying to create a very friendly environment for locals to meet-up and strengthen the local community.

The people around them with whom they can create a friendly, common, and passionate cause are the ones that make "Subiclark" a greater community.

"Subiclark" doesn't seek domination over other groups, instead it should be known for the quality of the group's friendliness.

The group has a great cause and purpose. Bringing people closer and better together through greater activities.

On January 15th 2020, Peter James announced the launch of a new facebook group of which he has a lofty goal in mind. He is determined to make it into the largest expatriates group in the Philippines within the year of 2020. He said in a live stream 'Please do join the group and let's show the world how much MORE FUN it is in the Philippines'. The name of this new group is "Philippines Expats" Click Here to learn more.


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