Emergency response in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Dec. 18, 2019

(Photo by, they recently announced they will close their website although it looks like someone saved it)
SUBIC BAY FREEPORT ZONE - Subic Bay is not just about investments, developments and adventure. The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority ensures the security of everyone.

It's great to invest in Subic Bay not just because it offers a stunning location near the West Philippine Sea but it's also very secured with thousands of Law Enforcers from the SBMA Police Department, world-class emergency equipment, fire trucks, and police interceptors similar to the equipment of the United States.

(SBMA LED police interceptors. Photo by SBMA Law Enforcement Department)

The SBMA Fire Department also wants to acquire new fire engines and gear because their current firefighting equipment is serving not just Subic Bay but also Olongapo City, Bataan and nearby cities and provinces for more than a decade.

As of now, the SBMA Fire Department operates:

While the Law Enforcement Department has much more modern vehicles they should acquire more to cover the entire Subic Bay Freeport Zone and strengthen their law enforcement in the area.

(SBMA Fire Department Engine 4-1 and Truck Co. 07. ©

The SBMA Fire Department also operates the Red Cross' harbor rescue vehicle, as well as a water tanker, the SBMA Fire Department Rescue Squad Co. 07, and E-One Truck Co. 07

Average Emergency Response Time

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority's Law Enforcement Department or also known as SBMA Police Department has an average response time of less than 1 minute if the call is inside Subic Bay's Central Business District. This is not a claim from the people in SBMA LED, but these are the experience of people who actually called for an emergency response.

(SBMA Fire Department Red Cross Harbor Rescue)


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