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The Leader of New Manila and His Passion for Change

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno also expressed his dreams to become the President of the Philippines.

The Leader of New Manila and His Passion for Change

(Photo by Manila Public Information Office 'MPIO' through Mayor Francisco Domagoso Facebook Page)

This is Francisco Moreno Domagoso, known professionally as Isko Moreno and colloquially as Yorme Isko, is a Filipino politician and former actor who currently serves as the 27th Mayor of Manila since 2019.

Born October 24, 1974, He grew up in the slums of Tondo, Manila, along Mabuhay Street, near the long coastal road. He's the only child of Joaquin Domagoso and Rosario Moreno (from Allen, Northern Samar). He found alternative sources of income at a very young age by pushing a cart and going house-to-house to gather old or used newspapers and used bottles, then reselling them at a local junk dealer. He then rummaged through restaurant garbage bins for leftover food, which his mother would re-cook for dinner.

Isko Moreno first entered politics by running for councilor in 1998. It was a decision done on a whim, he admitted. He was just feeling lucky that year. He approached then Vice Mayor Lito Atienza, and found himself a slot in the race. He also found himself in the middle of campaign trash-talking, something he didn't think would hurt him hard.

A simple person that has dreams and it looks like everything that he had dreamed of is starting to spark. But so far, it is only the beginning.

After years of sustained efforts and learning, he then caused everyone not just in Manila but in the entire Philippines to believe something, a change. A change for everyone, for a better life in terms of equality, respect and fairness. He is the mayor of Manila, and by far He may also be the greatest one.

Despite his job, He has time to have fun and manage his time very well. He joins with famous artists for digital content and He shares his life a lot, especially his time in the Manila City Hall. He also attends every inauguration of new developments in Manila as He is very proud of new achievements.

In less than a year, Manila has changed a lot. It became so different and all of the changes can be easily seen or noticed. His job goes with passion for creating the new and next-generation Manila with many ongoing developments, people of Manila will surely see a greater change.

(The New Jones Bridge spans the Pasig River through Binondo in Manila)

Some of the recent changes in Manila include the now popular Jones Bridge that is an arched girder bridge that spans the Pasig River connecting to Binondo, Manila. The Jones Bridge project was one of Isko Moreno's promises that he fulfilled last year November 2019 which cost some PHP 20 million.

(The New Bonifacio Shrine dancing fountain. Photo by Manila Public Information Office through Francisco Domagoso Facebook Page)

The most recent change in Manila is the new Bonifacio Shrine Dancing Fountain which cost some PHP 40 million but was paid by tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan, chief executive of Hong Kong-listed First Pacific Company Ltd., which owns big brands like Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), TV 5 and Meralco in the Philippines. The new dancing fountain is now up. Mayor Isko Moreno just officially launched it to the public on February 13, 2020 just in time before the Hearts Day.

The Mayor also showed his support for emergency response in Manila, acquiring new fire trucks, police interceptors, and other equipment like the LUF 60 water tender. He's also reviewing other emergency equipment that will help Manila. "There are more shoplifters in Paris than Manila." he said last year.

Isko Moreno continues to show his efforts to revive the vibrancy of Manila and a call to everyone to come and visit the city that was once the center of culture and everything that's happening in the country. "Malugod namin kayong iniimbitahan, inaanyayahan kayo ng city government, go back to Manila, ('Come home to Manila')" he said.

During his interview with ABS CBN, Mayor Isko Moreno also said his dreams to become the President of the Philippines. "I will take it one day at a time. If I'm gonna be the mayor of the city of Manila someday-I don't know when-I'm gonna be the president of this country."

Which many believe he is ready for and he can and will make better changes. #BagongMaynila #NewManila

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