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Social Distancing is an Opportunity

Sharing some thoughts on having more opportunity by having your own time during social distancing.

Social Distancing is an Opportunity

During this pandemic, social distancing rapidly evolves and unemployment becomes an even bigger problem as nations around the World continue to have more Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases each day. Thus, many people have been ordered to stop working for a while or at least, it may depend on their company if they are able to provide tasks to do at home. Before this situation, people were able to find jobs around their region or country, but if your movement is now controlled, where would you be? Online. Well, technically online but you'll probably just work from home. Although, not a lot of people are into technology, if you're interested or willing enough to take the world of digital innovation then you would be able to find your way. Even if you're not into technology, this pandemic, this Social Distancing is an opportunity. It is your opportunity to learn something. Even something completely new from scratch. If you don't find yourself working closer to your room, it doesn't change the fact that this is an opportunity. Companies around the world are having their employees work from home. This may also help the employees save their money from commuting to work and getting home from work, some people would definitely love to work more at home as they would be able to be with their family more, feel safer, and they would feel a lot better working. Some people may find going to their workplaces better as they still want to go out. But, during this pandemic, as stated in the first paragraph, your movement is controlled, except in the internet world. There are a lot of options to work on the internet. If writing is your strength then you can easily turn it into a source of income. Being a proofreader, content-writer or translator is very essential and there are thousands of companies looking for them. Meanwhile, if you're a creator, an artist, a graphic designer you can start selling your art online. Facebook is a very common place to start. But there are far better platforms for artists and designers out there such as DeviantArt, Dribble, Etsy, and etc. In terms of writing and other technology-based work, there are platforms and websites like, and each day, there are thousands of job offers waiting for you. Although it's not that simple, you may need to understand how their platform works at first. There are also other opportunities online such as starting your blog or a niche site, affiliate marketing, product reviewing, and etc. If you're not into technology, then this is still an opportunity for you to learn, no one knows how long this pandemic will last and how long you'll be staying home, but as long as there's time, you can always try and develop new skills. So working from home, or working in your comfortable place is essential to anyone. It's easy to understand but maybe hard for some people. Some people may have children, and it's no easy job to work from home full-time while also home-schooling or taking care of their child or children. This opportunity isn't only for those who want to work from home. This opportunity may also be your chance to learn something. Developing new skills, expanding your thinking, and being able to grow more. Being prepared for isolation. More than 2 months in since the start of the lockdown in the Philippines, many people may have suffered or are suffering from homesickness and anxiety. Introverts who have worked in a company office may also suffer from being moved to their homes to work. The only advice from the SBT is to keep in touch with your loved ones, talk to people around you and keep yourself distracted. Sleep at the right time, and try to have a good night's rest. Make sure that you also take a break and just stop for a while. You don't need to chase things but you have to work hard for opportunities. You'll figure it out, somehow. It is not uncommon that being surrounded by the same walls, same people, same atmosphere could increase anxiety. Sometimes even worse for children and teenagers as this different feeling of anxiety could be new to them. It should feel better that after all this chaos, you'd be going out again with new skills, new thinking, better opportunities and everything that you've learned will pay off and at the end, you can say, you've educated yourself (once again).

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