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Finding Euphoria In the Midst of a Pandemic

How do you find happiness, better entertainment, when pretty much everything feels overwhelmed and uncertain?

Finding Euphoria In the Midst of a Pandemic

A few months after the start of the lockdown, and despite most regions having reopened, still, most people are probably experiencing homesickness and anxiety. How would you find greater happiness, better entertainment, when pretty much everything feels overwhelmed and uncertain? Every person has their own hobbies, the things they love to do, the things they are used to doing, while others, are working at home. Most businesses are reliant on conference calls, some workers spend hours of zoom meetings, reading tens to hundreds of articles almost every week. There are many things that you could do during this pandemic, things that may be able to help you find satisfaction, sometimes, intense happiness. Although, not everyone is looking for it, some, just want calmness. The negative effects of lockdown or quarantine may be induced. Being surrounded by the same walls for months, not being able to go out, the fear that stops you from going outside of your home, these are the things that may make you feel uneasy, as a result, you long for calmness, for happiness, for enjoyment, or greater, euphoria. The word euphoria is used in this article as we refer to the most euphoric feelings in this world, love, joy, happiness. Reading, which is common not only to introverts, but pretty much anyone. Although, most reading nowadays happens with technology. Physical books have a more positive effect than using your devices for reading. If you'd rather listen, Audiobooks are available worldwide. Some people may find calmness in reading, but study finds that radical readers find intense happiness in reading. Reading. Photo/Stock Unlike reading headlines, mainstream articles, maybe it's a good time for you to read something else, something that will help you, to be able to learn something, maybe a book about entrepreneurship, a book to learn new skills, strategies, a book to help you cope with anxiety, or a book that will help you find euphoria, that will make you feel happy, getting lost in a book are underestimated by some people, but those who tried, were changed. Since the developers from this media website who wish to remain anonymous are also hard readers, I, a contributor for The Subic Bay Times, or 'the SBT', asked some of them, which books would they recommend to read during this pandemic. Some of them suggested and recommended a book about business, another suggested a guidebook that may help you raise your kids. Another developer, that's highly influenced by the military, recommended a book about a U.S. Navy SEAL, which appears to be the one who killed Osama Bin Laden during the Operation Neptune Spear in 2011. Netflix. Nowadays, most young people spend their time watching Netflix movies, series, and documentaries. Unavailable, most of them spend their time on other streaming and video platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Although, watching for hours on Netflix also became a good way to spend their time with their families. It's a great bonding experience, that may also depend on which movies they're watching. Mothers would probably love to let their children watch something to help them be more educated, especially for younger ones. Fathers would probably choose an action movie, or a documentary. Meanwhile, Elders would probably have their own radical views? Although, this may all depend to themselves. Watching on Netflix. Photo/Stock Netflix isn't only common to families, there are many people who love watching alone, somehow that doesn't make them lonely, as they get lost in the movie. Couples who live together also enjoy this platform a lot. Netflix is highlighted because it appears to be the most popular platform to watch movies from as theatres and cinemas won't be allowed to open until further time, or maybe even until a vaccine for the current Coronavirus disease becomes available. But there are also other platforms where you could watch and entertain like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube paid films, Roku, and etc. Gaming, mostly common to teenagers or young people. Although video games for these young people have been their hobby to find euphoria even during pre-pandemic, some adults go back to old school, playing Jenga, Monopoly, Chess and other physical games that make them feel entertained. Kids playing. Photo/Stock Younger kids, somehow, are used to physically playing with other kids, but as social distancing continues to dominate everyone, those who have siblings, may be lucky, despite the fights they usually have, there could be more times of them bonding together and playing, sometimes even their parents join them. Writing, unlike writing breaking news, mainstream articles, there are many things to write about. Somehow, me writing this piece, I find happiness, calmness, I find distraction, and obviously, I'd probably find satisfaction, if readers would be able to read, and if I would hear from them. A lot of people love writing. Writing poems, essays, opinion essays, commentaries, explanatory views, both in digital writing and handwriting, they embrace their writing, once it's done, it becomes a great piece. I, myself, isn't that much of a writer, but for some reason I want to contribute and I'm loving it so far. I did write before, not as long as this article though. Digital Writing and Handwriting. Photo/Stock Curious about how people find the feelings of euphoria while being surrounded by the same walls, everyday, I believe this article will help to reach those people out. I believe writing would help, somehow, I'm not sure if it's creative when it comes to reaching out to people, although I hope it is, being curious is probably the best way to think about what you would write. Music. Whether you're a musician or you love listening to music with your own taste. It's always a great way to get lost and find happiness when you isolate yourself with some good music. Your favorite songs may matter the most, but it's also not a bad idea to listen to other music genres. A good music style I would recommend is Lo-Fi. My choice is probably based on aesthetics but I enjoy that type of music a lot. A lot of people also love old songs not only because of the nostalgic feeling, but also for euphoria, or the past feelings of it, the happiness, the excitement when listening to a specific song that never gets old. Spotify, Google Music, etc. Photo/Stock Music, obviously, has benefits. Some of you may already know it, and even experienced it. The most common benefits are helping you sleep better, it reduces anxiety, and may probably help you with homesickness. It also helps you relax. While writing this article, I'm also listening to some music. Musicians are probably spending most of their time producing new music, some of them already published their new songs and maybe even albums. It's also a great thing when you know how to play a few instruments like the guitar, the piano, the violin, these are the most common instruments that may help you relax. Cooking. Finding euphoric feelings by learning to cook, or learning new recipes, maybe from other cultures as well. It appears that teenagers were inspired to cook something that they've seen from videos on the internet. Different cuisines covering Asian, Italian, American, and etc. ____________________ Editor's Note A contributor can only write and submit an article with a minimum of 600 words and maximum of 1200. A future article could be the second part of this piece. If you've reached this far, Thank you for reading.

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