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When locals take advantage of visitors, then the bay area becomes not worth visiting

When locals take advantage of visitors, then the bay area becomes not worth visiting

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THE SUBIC BAY TIMES - Everyone should understand the two angles of tourism. First, the focus is on the tourists and the nature of their motivations and demand, in the hope of enticing more. On the other side, is the business focused on developing products and services to provide to tourists.

Subic Bay has been a tourist attraction ever since it has started major developments. Thousands of tourists spend their time at this premier freeport, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

This year, Subic Bay is expecting more visitors, both local and foreign tourists. Most of the tourists will arrive by sea transportation through cruise ships, some will arrive by air from nearby airports then through the world-class gateway Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressway.

Most of the tourists traversed not only great distances but also spans of time. They have experienced different kinds of situations in terms of tourism. Some places have poor tourism behaviour. Although, there are some places where respect and fairness go a long way.

Now in Subic Bay, is it worth visiting when locals make the bay area? For example, when locals take advantage of visitors like the overcharging of various businesses, higher taxi fares for tourists, etc.

Many people that have visited Subic Bay Freeport experienced these situations and they end up not having a great time while others do.

Some locals have admitted that they have done this soft corruption. Some businesses in Subic Bay take advantage of the visitors while some businesses provide high quality customer service, and small businesses provide real and high quality happiness. Either way, all of the local businesses in Subic Bay, big or small, locals shouldn't take advantage of visitors.

Because if they do, then Subic Bay becomes not worth visiting if only some tourists have a great time. Every tourist should enjoy their adventure, no matter where they spend their vacation even if not in Subic Bay.

The pleasures of tourism must be balanced with some basic responsibilities.

The Subic Bay Times hopes for better transparency between the tourists and locals, and we strongly recommend the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority to take action on locals especially their own SBFZ Taxi to stop giving bad experiences to the tourists so that Subic Bay will become more visiting and that tourists would love to come back.

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