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Philippine Government Should Ban All Transportations Coming From China

Philippine Government Should Ban All Transportations Coming From China

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Despite the ongoing hysteria of the 2019 novel coronavirus, Duterte said that he will only ban limited transportations coming from Wuhan and province of Hubei in China despite cases are all over the country. 2 days ago, Duterte was not keen on banning any transportations from China, but now that after many people reached out it looks like they barely convinced the Philippines President.

Our developers strongly recommend the Philippine Government to temporarily ban transportations coming from China to the Philippines until the dangerous threat is under control. The threat is dangerous to the people of the Republic of the Philippines and other foreign people that is not from China. As more Filipinos are concerned and worried, taking precautions and trying to remain calm, It looks like that there's something still pushes for China to come to the Philippines.

This is our first article that is against an action of a government, We limit these kind of publications as we prefer a friendly community. But this action of a leader was not accepted by most people and we recommend to share it to the public so that everyone can reach out to the President and make better actions. This is political but this is also for the safety of everyone and we accept thoughtful critisicm as always, your feedbacks are one of our inspirations to make better quality content.

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