Submitting an Op-Ed essay

The Subic Bay Times accepts opinion essays on any topic for its digital newspaper and online section. Published opinion piece should be at least 400 words upto 1500 words. Although, sometimes, some draft essays are considered to be published. Everyone one should include a one-sentence author identification at the top or bottom of the submitted document. Don't assume we are going to know who you are. If you submit an Op-Ed essay, make sure that you include annotations for all assertions and attributions made in your essay. Your essay must be exclusive for The Subic Bay Times, original, and upon submission it should be embedded in the text of an email, not as a document attachment, for security. For submissions: What is an Op-Ed essay? An op-ed, short for "opposite the editorial page", is a written piece typically published by a newspaper which expresses the opinion of an author. Anything can be an Op-Ed essay, from personal explanatory, news events, reflections or even experiences on culture are all welcome. The Times is interested in anything written so well, provided with facts that we believe readers will find worthwhile.

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